The Best Raw Milk at Great Share Prices

Hi Plains Dairy is committed to providing our customers with the freshest,hygenically handled raw cow & goats milk. Every drop is rapidly cooled so it simply taste better.



About Us


Hi Plains Dairy is a small-acreage family-business farm located just a short drive from Colorado Springs.  A true European Farmstead, based on the idea that the quaility of food that goes into the goat is direclly proportionate to the quaity of the milk that comes out.

The registered dairy goats  & Jersey cows have access to pasture 24/7 (certified organic pastures coming soon) and are also fed 100% certified organic alfalfa hay.

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You can now buy our cheese curds, chevre, and yogurt cheese at Ranch Foods Direct, Mountain Mama, and various local farmer's markets!!! 

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